Myngen. About Us

In 2013, Myngen a woman-owned business dedicated in providing Eco-friendly water bottles and reusable water bottles were created. We are a wellness provider located in Toronto, Canada. Started as a family business and has grown up to a great team managed by women.


The importance of better health, support diet to lose weight can never be underlooked. As women, there are goals we strive for every day but find it really difficult to achieve them; at times due to lack of motivation or a proper system or help mechanism to push us forward.

"All the money in the world can't buy you back good health"

Reba McEntire

Water helps increases calorie burning, reduce liquid calorie intake, and act as a natural appetite suppressant. Importantly, reducing only a few high-calorie drinks each day for water may have long term weight loss benefits. Here is your chance, so reach for it and grab the opportunity.

Myngen has been able to achieve first in class service by having veteran operations and customer service staff that have been with Myngen for over 6 years. By treating our employees as our most valuable assets, we can truly claim that we have the best customer service in the industry and we deliver high quality and very effective products.